Got My RE T-shirt!

by anil on January 7, 2007

Ever since I bought my RE Machismo I wanted to get an RE T-shirt to wear while I ride. I wrote to the RE people and they replied that I couldn’t buy one anymore as they stopped selling it! That’s very bad actually. They are ignoring a loyal community and losing a chance for free publicity (they fail to support the most loyal motorcycling community in India).

Later I heard that I can get one by writing an article in the RE web site. That’s something I could do, I thought. I like writing too. I decided to wait for another bike trip. But you know what: at Silver Bullets, we almost always ride together and in all the rides I participated another fellow rider was present; it’s none other than Babu Tharikh, our web master.

After every ride, when I sit down to write the story, I get either an Email or a phone call saying that the trip story by BT is already there on the RE web site! He beats me every time!

There is no fun in writing the same story again. More over BT narrates better than I do. I found only two ways to get my T: either I do a trip without BT which I hate to do. Or submit a story before he does which I found almost impossible. So I had to look for other options.

Then came the Ponmudi trip. This time I had an idea: I told him in advance that you write the trip story but I take the T this time. If you do not know what happened in that trip read this blog.

This evening, I got a call from BT. He told me that your T arrived! I said thanks. I went to his place and he was waiting for me with the family on his Bull. I greeted them (but I could not smile at them because of the sutures on my lips, sorry for that). BT handed over the T saying that “don’t fall again, you won’t get anymore T’s”.

I’ll try not to fall again. Thanks for the gift, dude!


It’s a regular golf T in dark blue without pocket. Royal Enfield monogram is stitched to the left chest.

RE should start selling RE-branded merchandise. Those who love RE loves to wear RE Ts and use RE stuff. By not selling them RE is making a big strategic mistake.



I have been a silent obsrerver for quite long.. I guess I will try to attend the saturday get together one of these days..That way I will befreind Babu T…And may be I will get a T too…

Wishful thinking….

by Manoj Joseph on January 8, 2007 at 2:26 pm. #

If RE doesnt start selling RE-branded merchandise — I think i shall start printing RE- T’s if demand soares ….Heheheee , and market it thru Silver — Cheers!

by Babu T on January 9, 2007 at 11:57 am. #

If RE doesnt start selling RE-branded merchandise — I think i shall start printing RE- T’s if demand soares ….Heheheee , and market it thru Silver — Cheers! Theres a ‘T’ in BT ! 😉

by Babu T on January 9, 2007 at 12:00 pm. #

But, BT, if you do that you might run into a copyright infringement. You cannot use the logo without their permission.

Actually this invokes another thought. A company can be contracted for sourcing selling RE-branded merchandise on their behalf. Any takers?

by anil on January 9, 2007 at 12:31 pm. #

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