DRM-free Independent Music

by anil on January 5, 2007

It’s a great business model the people of Amiestreet.com have come up with. Amiestreet works as a showcase for Independent bands and musicians. They can upload their albums/songs free of charge while they keep the copyright. People can download songs for free initially and the prices increase as more people downloads songs. That’s great!

Those who download it first can buy it for free, they can recommend the song if they find it good. If a song gets constant downloads, its price can rise up to USD 0.98. It’s very similar to stock market–if more people need it, it’s gonna be costly (but with a ceiling).

Let me use a cliché here: you got the cake and now you can eat it too: all the songs at Anistreet are DRM-free, plain, MP3s. You can play them in any MP3 player you want. That’s a good-to-have feature these days as most online music stores have some sort of DRM mechanism in place.

Amistreet is a different kind of Freemium business model. But at the same time, I don’t see that their business will explode with sales someday–some sort of piracy mechanism will come up as they become more popular (such as a parallel repository). But this is a very innovative business model, indeed.

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